Thursday, October 8, 2009

Slot Machine?

Hello, I'm back :) 

But where have you been?

Well my life has been even more crazier, as my health has not been so good oh and a little thing called vacation!
Yep that's right, I am going on vacation! I am not going to give the exact date but it is soon, so I have been busy planning and all sorts of other stuff. But anyways I can assure you that you will be seeing more frequent post, just like this one
This is becoming a bigger and bigger topic concerning a "update" on the Test Realm, It has been talked about over at Central and over at Spiral Free Press. No not the gifting feature ( I will get into that later), But the so called "Slot Machine" on the Test Realm.
Look at the picture below... Does it look like a slot Machine?

Now look at this.

In case you can't see it, it says "Would you like to receive a surprise gift?"
What does that sound like to you? It sounds like it is trying to take advantage of little kids, because the word surprise and gift just pops out to them. Now I am not trying to step on any toes or make KI mad, but this is a serious issue. Just looking at the Doodles it endorses the "Surprise Gift" in text above.

This is something that KI consciously made this and with the thought of gambling, Why? Well because they DID put a limit of it, I think that you get 15 "throws" for each world a day and there is one in every world so that is 90 throws a day or in real life 90 smack-a-roos aka $ But this is something also interesting... For every throw the next throw increases by 5 Crowns!! and with 15 throws the last throw costs 75 Crowns! And the prizes don't even get better!

What are they prizes? Well not much I have done a lot of throws and the best I have got was a 10 minute Earth Monster thing that was placed in my Bank and I can't find it anywhere! The only prizes you get in some Treasure Cards, 20 gold and some not-so rare Reagents. Not much at all, well anyways what do you think?!?! Do you think it's a outrage or is it ok with you? Before making your decision think like you are a little kid, 6-10 and seeing the words "Surprise Gift!" and your parents gave you 10,000 Crowns and to only spend it with their permission, You just throw 1 in and get the long awaited Treasure Card you have been waiting for... So what do you think? Comment and/or vote!

Happy Deciding ;)


Yesterday I tried out the wishing well for the first time. I didn't think much about it, because I thought I was tossing in 5 crowns each time. I MISSED the fact that it increased each throw. If I missed it, then kids will surely miss it as well. I've gone from thinking it was just another way to buy gold with crowns (5 crowns to 20 gold is a good rate) with an occasional low-level prize thrown in, to thinking this is a terrible idea. What was KI thinking?

I forgot to add, that "gifts" are supposed to be free. (I know, there are all sorts of "gifts" that aren't free out in the big bad world of marketing gimicks, but this is a game for kids.) There is no "gift" involved. "Prize," maybe, but no gift.

Thank you everyone for your feedback and concerns regarding the Wishing Well system.

We are reconsidering how these Wishing Wells function, and they will not be going to the Live Realm with the other updates. We may choose to revisit the Wishing Well in the future, but with a dynamic that is more favorable to all our players.

It's players like all of you that help make Wizard101 safe and fun for everyone.


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